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Hello! Welcome to my trading page. I accept trades from everywhere in the world (except China and Russia, for postal reasons). I mostly collect DVD bootlegs of Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver and other GNR spin-offs, but I am also interested in other rock bands. My other interest is blues, so any DVD bootlegs of that are always considered. I especially like Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker. I had the pleasure of seeing Buddy Guy in concert in July 2006 and he did not disappoint!

Please look around the site and contact me if there is anything you want and have something to trade, but not before you look at my trading rules!




Last update: 28th December 2012

Trading Status: CLOSED.

Trades are not being accepted. I am currently moving all my Velvet Revolver, 86-88 GNR, Slash's Snakepit and Megadeth to hard disk and will not be trading DVDs any more. In time, other favourite bands will be transferred and all these DVDs will come up here for trade or to be given away. They will all have writing on the disks and worked so I could rip them, but no guarantees. Keep an eye open for your favourite bands - new DVDs are being put up all the time!

Transferred and free to those who want (you pay postage):

GNR - 1986-03-28 The Roxy, Hollwood, CA, USA (2 DVD) (Briggsy)
GNR - 1987-10-30 Live at CBGBs (acoustic show) (Dylan) (includes DVD case with cover)
GNR - 1988-05-09 Live at the Felt Forum (2 DVD) (JohnM) (includes DVD case with cover)
GNR - 1988-05-14 - Halifax Metro Centre, Halifax, Canada [Angel] (includes DVD case with cover)
GNR - 1988-07-27 Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA (Limulus) (includes DVD case with cover)
GNR - 1988-08-07 Orange County Fairgrounds, Middleton, NY, USA (Damage Inc)
GNR - 1988-08-07 Orange County Fairgrounds, Middleton, NY, USA (GNRAsylum)
GNR - 1988-08-20 Castle Donington, Donington, UK (Whisky)

Slash - Rock of the North Documentary [JimBobTTD] (when I find the disc!)

Slash's Snakepit - 2000-09-07 Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX, USA [JimBobTTD] (when I find the disc!)
Slash's Snakepit - 2000-09-20 Oakland Coliseum, CA, USA [JimBobTTD](when I find the disc!)
Slash's Snakepit - 2001-07-09 Dallas, TX, USA [JimBobTTD](when I find the disc!)

Slash's Bluesball - 1997-04-08 - San Antonio, TX (Briggsy)

Velvet Revolver - 2004-11-12 - Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA [JimBobTTD](when I find the disc!)
Velvet Revolver - 2005-01-14 - SECC, Finnieston, Glasgow [JimBobTTD]
Velvet Revolver - 2007.06.08 - Download Festival (Unknown)
Velvet Revolver - 2007.08.18 - Jones Beach, NY (NYC Bitch)
Velvet Revolver - 2007.12.31 - AT&T Blueroom - Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC [WildRoses]
Velvet Revolver - 2008-03-13 - Ambassador Theatre, Dublin (JimBobTTD)
Velvet Revolver - 2008.03.29 - Cologne Palladium, Germany [VDD]
Velvet Revolver - XXXX-XX-XX - VH1 Compilation (Jemin)
Velvet Revolver - 2004-08-19 - Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium (Gunnershome)

On their way in:

nothing right now

The following have come in, but are not checked/written in the main lists yet:

A whole load of Slash solo DVDs from 2010&2011