JimBobTTD's Trading Site

Trading Rules


If some simple rules are followed, we can both be happy.

1. Use quality media. Use only Verbatim, TDK, Sony, Philips DVDs or of higher quality. If in doubt, ask. If you bought a hundred cheap DVDs, do not try and offload them on me.  Brands other than those mentioned will be - unless we agree otherwise - rejected and the trade is off until you send me the shows again on better discs.

2. Burn at no higher than 4x, please. I will do the same.

3. Do not write on the discs. Rather, write on the envelopes or put a slip of paper in the envelopes with the band name, date, venue and (if applicable) author.

4. Pack the discs well. I put the discs in envelopes [pic], put a piece of cardboard on either side, wrap them in bubblewrap and put them in an envelope (or put the discs and cardboard in a padded envelope). I have never had a disc arrive broken.

5. As is standard in trading circles, if you contact me first, you send first.

6. Please include a full, proper address. I hate to have to say it (it seems so obvious), but include your country too. Yes, even you!