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NOTE: due to the the Guide being down, no info pages are being shown at the moment. The temporary address for the GNR DVD Guide is http://www.gunsnroses.gr/dvd/


I am looking for the following shows:


(Dates are US-style (MM-DD-YYYY). Links have been removed for now)


Velvet Revolver


05.14.2004 Memorial Hall - Kansas City, MO, USA,(GNRWorld)

11.10.2004 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA,(Unknown)

01.22.2005 Carling Apollo Hammersmith - London, England,(Unknown)

04.29.2005 Metro Centre, Rockford, IL, USA,(GNROSAS)

05.02.2005 Arena At The Harbor Yard, Bridgeport, CT (Sverre)

06.05.2005 Rock am Ring, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany (Paule)


03.12.2007 Waldorf Astoria, New York City (SA) (1 DVD) (transferred by JEMIN)

04.15.2007 Quilmes Rock, River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina,(Erlin)


Plus any others that I don't have!



XX.XX.XXXX Dirty Little Things Volume 1,(CrowTV)

XX.XX.XXXX The Interview Compilation(2),(Commander)

XX.XX.XXXX VR Rock Am Ring 2005 + Slash Tribute To Hendrix Hey Joe,(Blue)

XX.XX.XXXX Inside Out - The Rise Of Velvet Revolver(GNRMINE)

XX.XX.XXXX Setting the Music Free



The Project


01.21.2003 Sundance Film Festival - Park City, UT, USA,(Jemin)


Especially anything I don't have by:


Velvet Revolver

Slash's Snakepit, Slash's Blues Ball etc

Guns N Roses (nothing after 1993, and only new shows & compilations)

Izzy Stradlin & The Ju - Ju Hounds

Metallica (up to & including 1989)

Megadeth (up to & including Rust In Peace tour)

Pride & Glory, Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde






Buddy Guy

John Lee Hooker


Metallica (1989-1992)

Aerosmith (pref early)

Motley Crue

Skid Row

LA Guns