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- The Bon Scott Years


1977-06-24 Houston Summit
1984-08-31 Live in Oakland, CA
1986-08-31 Live at Foxboro Stadium
1988-02-15 Live in Houston, TX
1990-08-11 Unplugged: MTV Studios New York
1994-06-22 Live in Nijmegen Goffert Park, Holland
1997-10-20 Live at Concord Pavilion, CA
1999-xx-xx Live in Osaka
2007-04-22 Live in Mexico

Alice in Chains

1989-09-22 Live at the Central Tavern, Seattle
1992-10-15 Live in Hollywood
1993-02-08 Live in Stockholm
1993-10-17 Live in Rotterdam

Allman Brothers

1973-09-10 Grand Opera House, Macon GA
- The Proshot Compilation Set (2 DVDs)


2005-07-08 Quart Festival, Norway
2005-10-29 Madison Square Gardens, New York

Bach, Sebastian

2006-12-07 Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Beatles, The

Anthology (10 disc set)

Black Crowes, The

1996-01-27 Hollywood Rock Fest, Apoteose Stadium, Rio De Janeiro (Highhead Blues Productions)
1996-11-15 Live @ Rockpalast
2001-05-14 Greek Theater, LA, CA and 1993-05-31 Dutch TV

Black Label Society

2002-06-02 Live Rock Am Ring, Germany (Proshot)
2005-03-19 Live in Sauget, IL, USA
2005-06-12 Gods of Metal 2005

Blind Melon

1995-09-12 Live and Interactive - Toronto
2007-11-30 Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC (Team WWHJD?) (DVD9)

Brides of Destruction

2004-05-03 Thunderdome, Baltimore, USA

Bonamassa, Joe

2003-03-31 Live in Colorado Springs


1999-07-23 Live at Woodstock
1999-07-23 Live at Woodstock (out of synch) + Conan O'Brien
2006-07-20 The Trocadero. Philadelphia


1990-08-30 L'Amours, Brooklyn, New York


1987-xx-xx Cinderella Shakes Japan

Clapton, Eric

1997-07-04 Live in Montreux (both sets)

Cooper, Alice

1973-xx-xx Live in Houston and Dallas, Texas, USA

Cornell, Chris

2007-04-13 Live in Toronto, Much More Music


2005-10-24 Macrocosm - Madison Square Gardens
2005-10-25 Macrocosm - Madison Square Gardens
2005-10-26 Macrocosm - Madison Square Gardens

Creedence Clearwater Revival

1970-04-14 Royal Albert Hall, London

Cult, The

1989-11-24 Wembley Arena

Darkness, The

2003-xx-xx Live at the Astoria

Deep Purple

1972-01-03 KB Hallen, Copenhagen


1998-08-22 Live at the Bizarre Festival, Germany

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends

1969-12-12 Live in Copenhagen (with Clapton, Harrison)

Doors, The

1972-05-03 Live at the Beat Club

Dixie Chicks, The

2006-06-16 Later with Jools Holland
2006-12-06 Austin City Limits

Duarte, Chris

2004-03-26 Mexicali Blues, Teaneck, NJ


1986-05-25 Live at Solnahallen, Stockholm

Fabulous Thunderbirds, The

1980-05-23 Maifestspiele, Rhein-Main Halle, Wiesbaden, Germany

Faith No More

1990-03-17 L'Amours, New York (with Soundgarden)
1990-06-30 Live at Roskilde
1991-01-20 Rock in Rio
1992-06-22 Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam
1992-06-26 Live at the Stadio Delle Alpi, Torino
1992-09-18 Live at The American Theater, St Louis, MO
1995-03-13 Live at The Forum, London
1995-09-08 Live in Santiago
1997-05-14 Live at The Astoria, London
1997-07-20 Live at The Phoenix Festival, UK
1997-08-16 Live at The Bizarre Festival, Germany

Fleetwood Mac

1977-12-05 Japanese Rumours Live in Budokan

Foo Fighters, The

2001-08-17 Live at The Bizarre Festival, Germany

Gallagher, Rory

1979-01-27 Rock Goes to College

Green, Al

1978-03-xx PBS Soundstage, WTTW Studios, Chicago

Guy, Buddy

1988-09-17 Detroit, MI (2 DVD) (with Carlos Santana)
1991-xx-xx Ohne Filter TV Show, Baden-Baden
2000-05-02 Internationales Jazz Festival, Theater National, Bern, Switzerland (Axel)
2004-xx-xx Live at Montreux 2004 (Official, not for trade)

Hardcore Superstar

- Live at Sticky Fingers, 2006 (Official, not for trade)

Hendrix, Jimi

1967-05-18 Beat, Beat, Beat (German TV)
1969-01-09 Stockholm
1969-02-24 Live at the Royal Albert Hall
1970-07-04 Live at the Middle Georgia Raceway
- The Jimi Hendrix Video Experience

Hooker, John Lee

"Tonight & Sunday Morning": 1992-10-13 Tonight Show & 1999-04-11 CBS Sunday Morning

Iron Maiden


Jane's Addiction

1991-03-17 Paradiso, Amsterdam


1977-01-29 Live at the Cobo Arena, Detroit

Kravitz, Lenny

2005-03-12 Live In Buenos Airea, Argentina (Proshot)
2005-03-21 Sunrise

LA Guns

1988-11-14 Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan (Pro-Shot)
1988-xx-xx The Hollywood Years, Cocked & Loaded, Philadelphia (GnrSoul)
1991-12-17 Dusseldorf (Aud-Shot)
2000-02-05 Whisky A Go Go, LA, CA, USA
2003-04-19 Indian's Saloon, Milan, Italy
2004-10-28 The Alpheus Club, Rome, Italy
2004-xx-xx Hellraiser's Ball - Caught In Act. Live in Hollywood Pro Shot

Led Zeppelin

1975-05-24 Live at Earl's Court, London (3 Discs)

Mad Season

1995-04-29 Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA mpeg-dvd (not for trade)

Malmsteen, Yngwie

1994-xx-xx Live at Budokan

Mayer, John

2003-09-04 Austin City Limits (broadcast 2003-11-15)


1988-05-20 Live in Essen (7 songs + interview, pro-shot)
1990-12-05 Palace Of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, USA
1990-12-15 Live at the Nassau Coliseum, New York
1992-09-29 Live in London
2005-04-16 Live in Melbourne

2007-05-17 Lowell, MA, USA
- Behind the Music - VH1


1983-03-19 San Francisco
1985-09-14 St. Goershausen, Germany [RE-MADE]
1986-04-20 Long Island, Uniondale, New York (date?)
1986-04-28 Uniondale, New York
1986-07-06 Roskilde Festival, Denmark
1986-11-09 Anaheim, CA, USA
1986-12-05 Quebec, Canada [NTSC] [AUD] [Spawn's version]
1987-02-13 Gothenburg (NWOBHM) (2 DVD)
1987-08-20 London, UK 100 Club [2nd Gen] (2 DVD)
1988-06-19 Buffalo, NY, USA
1988-06-26 East Rutherford, New Jersey
1988-07-03 Dallas, Texas
1988-09-22 Barcelona
1988-10-10 The Odeon, Hammersmith, London (*with 91-05-31)
1988-10-15 Helsinki (Dusan)
1988-11-30 Oklahoma City (2 DVD)
1989-02-10 Civic Center, Lakeland, FL [AUD]
1989-03-12 The Spectrum, Philadelphia
1989-03-15 RPI Fieldhouse, Troy, NY, USA (Aud) (NTSC)
1989-03-17 Hartford, CT, USA
1991-05-31 Riverside Studios, London (*with 88-10-10)
1991-11-08 Minneapolis
1991-11-15 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
1992-10-24 Wembley Arena, London (2 DVD) (Spacemanrocks)
1998-11-24 Roseland Ballroom, New York
2000-07-04 PSINet Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland
2006-06-03 Rock Am Ring
2008-06-07 Rock Am Ring (Norbinho) (2 DVD)
2008-09-10 Taratata - Air Production Studios, La Planne St Denis, France (aired 2008-10-15) (Badmotherfucker)
2008-09-12 O2 Arena, Berlin (2 DVD)
2009-04-04 Hall of Fame Induction
- Justice on Wheels - documentary
- Behind the Music - VH1
- Interviews with Lars and Kirk, Rock Am Ring 2008
- Cliff Burton Compilation

Misfits, The

1983-01-21 Goleta Valley Community Center, Goleta, CA, USA (2 DVD)

Monster Magnet

1995-08-19 Bizarre Festival, Germany
1998-08-22 Bizarre Festival, Germany
2004-03-16 Rockpalast, Cologne, Germany

Mother Love Bone

1988-08-11 Skate King, Kent, WA, USA
- 1989-1994 Documentary

Morbid Angel

1992-05-25 Tampa, FL, USA (mpg video file)
2005-09-06 Teatro La Cupula, Santiago, Chile

Motley Crue

1983-05-29 US Festival
1984-05-06 Quebec City
1986-01-26 Hammerleinhalle, Nuremburg, Germany (French TV, Pro Shot, Unsure of date or location)
1987-07-12 Des Moines, USA

1987-07-26 Buckeye Lake Music Center, Columbus, OH, USA
1987-10-15 Live in Tacoma, WA, USA (pro-shot)
1987-10-15 Live in Tacoma, WA, USA (*with medley from 1987-09-05 Alpine Valley, WL)
1987-10-19 Live in Montreal, Canada

1989-10-05 The Whiskey, LA
1989-11-21 Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO, USA
1990-06-20 Live in Montreal
1998-10-23 Live in Detroit
2005-03-14 Madison Square Gardens, New York
2005-06-04 Rock Am Ring, Germany
2005-06-10 Sweden Rock Festival
- Young And Crazy - The Early Years (Bootlegdvdz Productions)
- The Rise & Rise of Motley Crue VH1 Documentary
- TV Compilation 1983 - 2000
- Lewd, Crued and Tattooed (Official, not for trade)
- Greatest Video Hits (Official, not for trade)


2006-xx-xx Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany


1991-10-19 Live at the Trees Club, Dallas, TX
1991-11-25 Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam
1991-11-25 Documentary & clips from show
1992-08-30 Live at the Reading Festival (complete)
199x-xx-xx Unplugged


2008-06-03 Rock Am Ring, Germany (Stolzen)

Osbourne, Ozzy

- Ozzy's Years
- Randy Rhoads - Tribute


1992-10-23 Live in Dusseldorf
1994-08-19 Live in Long Island
1995-02-12 Live in Peoria, IL

Pixies, The

The Pixies Sell Out - Reunion Tour 2004 (Official, not for trade)


1991-11-19 MTV Unplugged,New York

Police, The

The Reunions, 2003 & 2007

Presley, Elvis


1977-06-19 Live in Omaha

1977-06-21 Rapid City

- Aloha from Hawaii

- Elvis On Tour

- Elvis - The Journey

- Jailhouse Rock

- Lost Performances


Pride and Glory

1994-06-11 Karlshamn, Sweden (mpeg-2, 3.5GB)
1994-07-08 Sonoria Festival, Milan


1977-10-20 Rockpalats

Raitt, Bonnie

1974-12-17 WTTW Studios, Chicago, Il (with Buddy Guy, Junior Wells & AC Reed)

Ramones, The

19xx-xx-xx Live Through the Years

Rolling Stones, The

1981-11-21 Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago (with Muddy Waters) (2 DVD)
1989-10-19 Live at the LA Coliseum
1989-12-19 Live in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (2 DVD)

Rollins Band

1995-xx-xx Pinkpop Festival, Holland

Screaming Trees

1996-11-15 Live in Essen

Sisters of Mercy

1985-06-18 Royal Albert Hall

Sixx AM

2007-10-25 Halloween Havoc: Live in Utah (Proshot)
- Nikki Sixx TV Compilation 2007-2008

Skid Row

1989-12-27 Springfield, MA, USA (show & fight) - The "Bottle Incident" show
1991-08-31 Live at Wembley Stadium (Limulus)
1991-12-07 Live in Gothenburg
1992-01-26 Hollywood Rock Festival, Praça da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1992-10-08 Live at the Budokan, Tokyo


1994-08-27 Live at Monsters of Rock, Brasil
2005-07-08 Rockwave Festival, Terra Vibe, Athens
2007-xx-xx Live at Rock am Ring, Germany

Smith, Elliot

1999-07-17 YoYo a Go Go, Olympia, WA

Sonic Youth

1985-01-05 Gila Monster Jam, Mojave Desert
- Put Blood in the Music (South Bank Show 1989)


1988-02-11 Club Lingerie, Los Angeles
1990-03-17 L'Amours, New York (with Faith No More)
1990-04-16 Live at Philipshalle, Dusseldorf
1992-01-16 Live in Toronto
1992-06-08 Live at the Pinkpop Festival
1992-07-13 Live at Lollapalooza, Seattle
1996-11-13 Live in Toronto

Stone Roses, The

1985-07-20 Manchester Flower Show (+Hacienda)
1985-08-15 The Hacienda, Manchester (+MFS)
1990-06-03 Provinsrock Festival, Finland

Stone Temple Pilots

1993-11-17 MTV Unplugged , Sony Music Studios, New York City

Temple of the Dog

1990-11-13 Off Ramp Café, Seattle, WA, USA


1994-07-21 Live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire
1997-07-29 Live at Lollapalooza, Kansas City, MO
2002-11-16 Live at the Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma

Van Halen

1983-05-29 US Fest (2 DVD)


Rock in Rio II (Jan 91): Queensryche, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Faith No More & Sepultura

VH1: Heavy - The Story of Heavy Metal (2 DVD)

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

1984-08-25 Live at the Lorelei Festival
1984-08-27 Live at Alabamahalle, Munich
1986-12-13 Duff's Rooftop, Peiora, IL, USA (SRV with Bernard Allison)
1988-08-28 Live at Chastain Park, Atlanta
xxxx-xx-xx Rarities
xxxx-xx-xx TV Appearances

Waters, Muddy

1978-12-10 Rockpalatset, Westfalenhalle, Dortmund
1981-09-11 Maintenance Shop Blues, Ames, IA

White Stripes, The

2001-12-06 Kentish Town Forum (upgrade w/better audio)

Winter, Johnny

1979-04-22 Live in Essen

Wylde, Zakk

1993-05-01 House of Guitars, Rochester, New York (Two Randy Dudes)

Zombie, Rob

2001-12-xx Mayhem Tour